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iPhone/iPod touch/iPad connectivity problems

If you are unable to sync your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad software with the Digital Scout web site, please follow these steps:

E-mail address and password

Please keep in mind that your password is case sensitive and must be exactly the same as what you log into the web site with.  If you can get to the screen where you can enter your password, then your device has established connectivity with our web server, and it has verified that your e-mail address exists on the system.


The software synchronizes directly over the internet to the Digital Scout Web Enabled application, and as a result, you need to have a stable internet connection on your device at the time that you tap the Sync to web button.

If you are on an iPhone, you need to make sure you are in a service area with data connectivity for your device to sync. Your device should say 3G in the top status bar if your device is on a cellular data network.

If your device has wi-fi connectivity, you need to be connected to a wireless access point that has internet connectivity in order for your device to sync. Your device should have a small wireless icon in the top status bar right next to iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

You can test your internet connectivity after you see the connected icon by opening the Safari browser and going to a web site such as


Even if you have internet connectivity on your device, you may still be connected through a network that has a proxy server or firewall that may block the communication between your device and our web server.  Please see the following article for more information on this:

Proxy server, firewall, and network issues

Additional information

Please see the following article on Apple's web site for more information:

iPhone: Connecting to the Internet


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